Wednesday, April 19, 2017


April 19th, 6:30PM, Rewind Film Series at The Schomburg, 135th Street and Lenox.  The Schomburg presents the Rewind Film series this week with a FREE screening of four short films tonight.

From accepting your reality, to having a physical grasp over the “presumed” properties of life, these four Urbanworld Film Festival short stories take audiences on a journey revealing the decisions made and battles endured in order to come to terms with truth. From a mother and daughter battling time and memory, to a husband attempting to uphold his marital vows after catching his wife in an affair, Sugar and The Suit take us on a journey of dehumanization after losing what we believe to possess. As the night continues we enter into the inevitable question one has to make when shaping their reality: Is this real or not? After a horrific hurricane leaves a business woman homeless, and a young girl must open her closed mind to a culture outside of her own, Samaria and Balcony depict the battle between being in denial while surrounded by the truth and coming to terms with your circumstances.

For more details and RSVP, go to the official Schomburg website: LINK

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