Friday, August 11, 2017


Harlem Bespoke: Two fully-renovated Sylvan Terrace townhouses by 160th Street in the Heights went up on the market this year and the more costly one is the only home to have a contract out.  So what is the big difference here?  Number 2 Sylvan Terrace  had arrived on the market for $1.57 million which is a little less then Number 16 Sylvan Terrace at $1.625 million but the latter is in the coveted single-family layout.  Our opinion would be that even though these historic homes are one of the most charming to be found uptown, they still are on the narrow side so having the original layout intact would be most ideal especially for those who have a family.  Number 2 Sylvan Terrace has had the listing removed at this point in time and it will be interested to see what Number 16 closes for in the upcoming months. 2017

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  1. I live on Sylvan Terrace. The two home's that were on the market are one family home's. Yes, the City of New York Department of Finance state's our home's are two family. However, only four homeowener's divided their home's into two family.