Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: UPDATE: Hours for this location are only from Mondays to Fridays. Dear Mama coffee shop started up in East Harlem a few years ago and now has opened the largest coffee emporium that Harlem has ever seen.  The location at 611 West 129th Street is within one of the new buildings at the Columbia University Manhattanville campus located just west of Broadway and is worth the visit just to see the brand new space.

Operations just started up this past Friday and the interior includes ceiling heights that soar over 30 feet which also includes a tree growing within.  There is a second floor level accessible by a winding steel staircase but was blocked off on our visit.  Ploughshares coffee just a couple of avenues east on Amsterdam briefly had the title of biggest cafe with 3,000 square feet of space but the new Dear Mama is easily 3 times the size.  There are about 50 seats on the lower floor spread out in the open area past the bar but more table could easily fit in since everything is quite sparse now.  This space is open to the general public and is encased in glass which provides some of the most dramatic lighting to be found uptown.  Read more about Dear Mama's East Harlem location in our past post: LINK

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