Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: Harlem's Michelin Star restaurant Inoue sushi is the gem of Central Harlem's fine dining scene but is one of the priciest restaurants in the neighborhood also. Those who can dine out at the critically acclaimed Japanese restaurant should do so but a lot of uptowners might want to check out something much more affordable as far as better dining goes.  Luck would have it that Michelin guides now has a recommended list of affordable spots in the city and two three can be found in Harlem.  Included is Matthew Trebek's Oso on Amsterdam by 140th Street which serves up handmade tacos and is one of the popular restaurants to open up in Hamilton Heights in recent yers.

Another local favorite that is on the list is Jin Ramen which opened on Broadway just south of 125th Street back in 2012 and has since become an uptown legend. Jin also expanded recently to include their excellent next door rice bowl eatery which makes the eatery twice as attractive to visit.  The third recommendation is Zoma on Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 113th which is one of the first Ethipian restaurants to arrived in Central Harlem years ago.  Make sure to stop by these local businesses and also check out the full recommendation list for NYC in Gothamist:  LINK 2019

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