Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  L'Argot on Hamilton Place by 143rd debuted a year ago but shut down in November for about a month and suddenly transformed into L'Artista.  The biggest change is the arrival of Chef German Rizzo who heads up a spot in the East Village and now has given a much needed focus to the menu.  Italian tapas is the order of the day and fits perfectly into the layout which is mostly a long bar at the 34-seater but there are a couple of larger tables up front.  This chef's kitchen layout has become popular uptown in recent years and diners actually get to see the culinary creations come to life behind the counter.
We especially liked that the lighting has changed with the hanging industrial lampshades that add more of updated contemporary feel to the space which also has nice exposed brick and a beautiful massive oak bar.   But how was the food?  Our day was booked for another event so a quick order of the Frittura di Pesce Nostrana was made to see how the fry technique held up and we were not disappointed.  The gluten free rice flour coating was almost like a light tempura with shrimp, calamari and eggplant presented within a charming cast iron casserole.  Everything was really on point and felt a lot more well crafted than the previous menu.

The official L'Artista Instagram account also has fantastic photos of the grilled octopus with chorizo on a bed of chickpeas and the linguine alle Vongole Veraci which will be on our list to try out next time.  All of the walls are also lined with various wines so those who want a great evening of drink and food should drop by for dinner or weekend brunch.  More on the former L'Argot can be found in our past post:  LINK 2020

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