Monday, January 13, 2020


Harlem Bespoke: A tip came in mentioning that the sister restaurant to Babbalucci called Bar 314 is worth checking out on the southern intersection of West Harlem on Amsterdam at the corner of 122nd Street.  Everything opened just over a year ago and some might remember that this was the Serafina location for a quick second.  With that said, the new establishment is a much warmer aesthetic and the fantastic wood oven stove is still in place.  The dough here takes 48 hours to prepare and the crust is exceptional when everything comes to the table.  Guests will note some exceptionally large crispy bubbles on the edges which provide a dramatic crunch with each bite.

We especially enjoyed a white pie called the Babba which had pancetta, mushrooms, fontina and truffle pate and was quite exceptional.  There was also a spicy Picca pie with hot sausage, Italian hot peppers, red onions and caciocavallo cheese which hit the spot but was not that hot on the palate so don't be too afraid.  All these ingredients really stand out and Bar 314 is probably the best pizza spot that we tried out for 2019 if truth be told.  Our next trip will definitely include an order of the prosciutto pie and the crispy fried burrata appetizer which is another story in itself. More details and photos can be found on the official Bar 314 Instagram account: LINK 2020

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