Monday, November 23, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  Who knows the location of the famous Big Apple Jazz Club?  A Bespoke reader submitted the above city tax photos with the Big Apple signage clearly visible amongst the traffic of some rather cool cars.  Many longtime Harlem residents will tell you that the building still had a metal plaque out front up until 2006 but some construction at the time removed the Jazz Age relic.   We will have an updated photo uploaded later on in the evening.
Those in the neighborhood familiar with the story will know that the Popeye's at 135th Street on 7th Avenue is the location of the legendary club.  This is also one of the rare occasion in Harlem were the historic site of a jazz club has not been demolished even though the venue has long been gone. 

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  1. Looks to be the corner of 135th / ACP, now occupied by a Popeyes