Thursday, January 14, 2021


Harlem Bespoke:  East Harlem's polarizing Pathmark at 160 East 125th Street has now fully been demolished.  We walked by the super block site that spans from Lexington Avenue to Third Avenue today and saw the digger equipment on site quickly breaking down the last piece of rubble.  Everything was built starting back in 1997 and the mindset was probably that the block would be transformed in a positive direction but some might argue that this did not really happen. Another supermarket will arrive in the new building planned for this location situated by one of the only subway train entrance on the east side of the boulevard but this time around there will be office spaces in included to bring commuters into this part of 125th Street.  Check out our past post for a full rendering of the new 9-story building planned to be completed in the next couple of years: LINK


  1. crazy to see something you worked on ...go from empty lot to building to something to nothing and back to an empty lot all within a 20 year span

    1. Agreed! I remember walking across the garden with that bug Woden mural as kids. I used to to work at Pathmark to good times.

  2. I remember how excited the community was when Pathmark came in. Prior to PM there were no big supermarkets in Harlem. You had to go to C Town or Associated and get awful produce and terrible meat choices. Pathmark was beautiful when it opened. Fresh everything, employing people in the community, they even had a parking lot.
    Sad to see how it turned out.