Monday, May 30, 2016


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Those who are in town for a stay cation this holiday might just want to enjoy the day at a couple of hot spots that are open uptown.  Streetbird on FDB at the corner of 116th Street even has a tropical outdoor sidewalk cafe all set up and will be open this afternoon.  We also would recommended checking out the West Harlem Piers on 125th Street for the Hudson River views and then swing over by the new Bierstrasse beer garden at 133rd on 12th Avenue which will also be welcoming guests on the last day of the long weekend.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


The above video from PBS shows some rare footage of the 15th Regiment which the European forces nicknamed the Hellfighters during the first World War in 1918.  These men from Harlem were also musicians who helped spread the love of ragtime and jazz around the world but were also the fiercest fighters who received the most medals out of any other infantry.  New York City celebrated the regiment with an unprecedented parade that went from lower 5th Avenue up to Harlem and the entire city welcomed back the hometown heroes. James Reese Europe is also mentioned in the video and was the talented bandleader of the Hellfighters who also had plans to spread jazz around the nation but tragedy would strike a year later.   More on Mr. Europe can be found in our past post: LINK

Friday, May 27, 2016


Number 337 Convent Avenue (which is the address next door to the famous Royal Tenenbaum house) had a contract out in February for the asking of $4.325 million and Streeteasy has revealed that the final number was a bit lower at $4 million at the closing in March.  As mentioned previously, the home by the corner of West 144th Street has a lot of original details tastefully restored within and the new upgrades work well with the historic aesthetic.   Other than that, express trains on 145th Street will get one to midtown in just about 15 minutes and better businesses are really starting to pop up everywhere around this historic district in Hamilton Heights.


Many have noticed the photo of Harlem fashionista Lana Turner at Red Rooster looking over the stairwell leading down to Ginny's Supper Club and now uptowners will get a view of the style icon's 500 piece vintage collection. Ms. Turner can usually be seen around town impeccably dressed at big events and sporting a chic chapeau but few have seen all of style doyenne's archival pieces.  All throughout the summer, guests will be able to now see the sculptural hats on display on the shelfs of Red Rooster but might think that these are just objects of beauty and not functional fashion pieces.  A dramatic cloche that looks like the many faced Roman god Janus or a linear parasol appear to be just art but are actually meant be worn sur la tĂȘte.   Fashion enthusiasts should definitely make a point to get a closer look at the collection on the next dining visit or just drop by for a drink at the front bar to get a quick peak.