Sunday, September 25, 2016


Sunday,  September 25th, 1:00PM-6:00PM, Sugar Hill Market x La Maison d'Art, 259 West 132nd Street, just east of FDB.  The last Sugar Hill Market for September will be on the 25th and Harlem's best selling, locally made designer collections will once more return to Maison d'Art.  Insider website Thrillist along with AM New York has listed Sugar Hill Market as one of the best events in NYC to attend in the past year but many uptowners already know that.  The HB curated boutique market has had some great word of mouth and also awesome shout outs by New York Magazine, Time Out, and New York Daily News in the past.  Follow the official SHM Instagram account for more daily updates:  LINK

Friday, September 23, 2016


The SRO brownstone at 237 West 136th Street in Central Harlem is back on the market after a contract fell though based on an asking just under $2 million.  As mentioned previously, the townhouse sold last year for $1.65 million and then was placed back on the market this past April with a bit of a markup.   There are no photos of the kitchen and baths which probably mean those areas need an update but the other images are quite compelling since there are a lot of original details.  Another issue to look out for is that the facade is missing the cornice but the right restoration might really make this address shine one day.  With that said, a Certificate of Non Harassment is in place which will help the renovation process move along more quickly.  More details on the broker site: LINK


A chain cafe called Espresso Matto has just opened in Hamilton Heights and the business model is that everything in the shop is at $2 all day long!  We received a Bespoke tip but could not find the coffee shop on Broadway because of the current facade setup.


Keep it all uptown and help out Harlem's great local businesses over the weekend.  Below is the Bespoke list of what is new and notable in the neighborhood to try out this week.   

FREE Classical music & Jazz by local musicians at Hope Garden on 152nd: LINK

Shopping at the last Sunday Sugar Hill Market on West 132nd Street: LINK

A historic adaptation of Alice in Wonderland presented at Morris-Jumel: LINK

Viewing Alma Thomas artwork at the Studio Museum on 125th: LINK

New local brew and pizza at Hop House on FDB and 120th Street: LINK

Checking out the new Harlem Shake location on East 111th Street: LINK

Discovering the East Harlem Bottling Co. on Lexington by 107th Street: LINK

Seafood and craft cocktails at the new B2 Harlem on West 119th: LINK

Trying out southern whiskey at Uptown Bourbon by 152nd Street: LINK

Drinks at the new Alibi lounge on 7th Avenue by 139th Street:  LINK

Catching up with 80s fashion through the Antonio exhibit at El Museo: LINK

Trying out burgers at Harlem Burger Co. on FDB and 118th Street: LINK

Discovering the Morningside Park Farmers Market on Saturday: LINK

Slurping up authentic ramen at R.O.K.C on Broadway by 141st Street: LINK

Hanging outside at the new Bierstrasse beer garden on 12th Avenue: LINK

More java at the new Hamilton's Bakery on Broadway by 146th Street: LINK

Drinks at the Sunday LGBT Pride Night at Hogshead Tavern: LINK

Eating hand-made tacos at the Oso on Amsterdam and 140th Street: LINK

Getting java at ACP Coffee on 7th Avenue by 134th Street:  LINK

Brunch or dinner at Sottocasa Pizzeria on Lenox by 121st Street: LINK

Tasting delicious Japanese curry at the new Curry-Ya Uptown: LINK

Breakfast or lunch at Company on Edgecombe by 158th: LINK

Eating great Italian at Fumo on Amsterdam and 139th Street: LINK

Destination worthy brunch at Solomon & Kuff on 12th Avenue: LINK

Weekend brunch at The Row House on 8th Avenue and 115th Street: LINK

Burgers for dinner at Island Burgers on Broadway by LaSalle Street: LINK

Get affordable takeout at BK French Cuisine on 7th by 128th Street: LINK

Sunday Brunch at Mountain Bird on East 110th Street: LINK

Brunch or Dinner at Chaiwali on Lenox and 124th: LINK

Tasting incredible Edomae style sushi at Inoue on Lenox and 129th: LINK

Coffee at Monkey Cup on Amsterdam by 146th Street: LINK

Dinner at Babbalucci on Lenox Avenue by 126th Street: LINK

Wood oven pizza at the new Bono trattoria at West 151st: LINK

Lunch or dinner at Clove indian restaurant by 139th Street: LINK


We reported back in May that the old fish market at the corner of 7th Avenue and 140th will not be around much longer and some major activity has been occurring on the site in the past couple of weeks.  Plywood fences were put up around the free standing building last week but more has just recently happened.