Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: Two brownstones at 32-33 Mount Morris Park West by 123rd Street are now up on the market as dual investment for $27 million.  Apparently one of the townhouse is nicely renovated in a historic manner with expensive contemporary updates that includes original details and an elevator but the neighbor appears to be a mystery.  One can assume that Number 33 needs more work which makes it perfect for combining the address with the home next door and the project is a rare Manhattan opportunity to own one large home.  With that said, the record for an extensively restored single Harlem home with extremely sophisticated updates within a historic district topped off at around $5.1 million last year.  This listing will be interesting to follow over the next couple of months and more photos can be found on the broker site: LINK

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Harlem cycle debuted within the Strivers Row neighborhood on Adam Clayton Powell by 138th Street on the lower level of historic brownstone back in 2016. This cardio destination is not a big flashy gym so uptown fitness enthusiasts will receive more one-on-one attention and do not have to go all the way downtown for something similar.  Drop by for details or support this local small business by booking classes online: LINK

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Harlem Bespoke: Turnstile jumpers and bus fare-beater beware.  It appears that 2019 is definitely the year when the MTA will have all sorts of monitors on the buses and stations to hand out violation tickets for those who skipped out on paying to ride.  We saw a couple of agents with NYCT jackets this past weekend in front of a bus stop on 125th Street writing up tickets to a couple of fare evaders and things looked pretty serious.  Reportedly the MTA has had a $215 million annual loss from those choosing to skip out on the transportation fee and the city authorities have decided to do something about it: LINK

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Monday, January 14, 2019


Harlem Bespoke: News broke out recently that St. James Methodist Church at 45 East 126th Street at the corner of Madison Avenue has had demolition permits filed to make way for a new building.  This appears to be the usual story of a church with a dwindling congregation selling off a historic property to a developer for millions and a position within the new building. We actually received a message from someone in a local community group stating that they have been trying to convince the reverend of the church to work with an adaptive-reuse developer but those request have been ignored seeing that this plan is probably less profitable for all parties involved.  The letter also mentioned that much of East Harlem had been razed in the past to make way for public housing projects so keeping some of architecture that was built in the 1800's preserved was of importance to the neighbors.