Friday, June 5, 2020


Harlem Bespoke: Number 4 Hamilton Terrace went up on the market in January for $2.6 million and has since been reduced significantly to $1.8 million.  The landmark fixer upper is within the very charming Hamilton Hamilton Heights historic District in the Heights and the landmark home has quite a few original details within.  With that said, this reported single-family home by 144th Street is definitely a major fixer upper but has a lot of original details within.  On a side note, developers looking to upgrade to an HVAC system might want to take note of the original decorative vents that are already in place since these look more accurate in a period home an can easily be replicated.  More photos and contact information can be found on the broker site: LINK 2020


Harlem Bespoke: Those craving the chef set menu at Reverence on 7th Avenue at the corner of 138th Street can now get a special bento box takeout that is available only at the beginning of the month on a Friday and Saturday.  Orders can currently be made online for June 5th and 6th pickup.  This round will feature Achiote Roasted Mexican Shrimp, Japanese sweet potato with salsa verde, Roasted Adobo Chicken and a California Cherry Bourbon Crisp for a sweet finish.  Purchase directly from the official website and select day and time for the pickup: LINK 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  A sunnier image taken earlier this week shows one of favorite brownstone gardens in the neighborhood which now has a beautiful climbing rose bush out front.  Their used to be really dramatic shrubs at the lower level which was kind of wild in a fantastic way but now things are a bit more trimmed up.  Adding flowers to the mix is always a nice addition and this more polished look fully reveals the classic townhouse architecture.  Check out a photo of the original Hamilton Heights outdoor garden in our past post: LINK

Harlem 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  The Harlem Bespoke companion Instagram account is also now live and has color photos of the best restaurants to order out from this weekend. Food ideas for lunch or dinner will be updated several times for those who want a little inspiration on new spots to try out.  Remember calling up to make an order is best since it helps local eateries avoid exorbitant app fees.   Cinema Bespoke will be the visual social media presence for Harlem Bespoke for video and photos of uptown or greater New York City so make sure to follow for the latest news:  LINK 2020

Thursday, June 4, 2020


 Harlem Bespoke: Another coffee shop to reopen recently is NBHD at the corner of 140th Street on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and we stopped in over the weekend to check out the breakfast sandwich on the menu.  A classic egg & cheese on a grilled bun starts out at $3.5 and bacon or sausage can be added on for $3 more for those who want just a bit extra.  This was seriously one of the best hot sandwiches we have had in some time and trying out the other variations in the near future will be a priority.  There is a small kitchen in the back so other menu offering are available along with the expected coffee options to grab and go.  More on NBHD can be found in our past post: LINK 2020