Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Number 50 Hamilton Terrace now has a contract out after just being on the market for 2 weeks at the initial asking price of  $2.895 million.  This appears to be the same developer who has been doing a spectacular job at making the right upgrades, keeping original details and turning things around in less than a year.  Number 52 Hamilton Terrace located just next door was purchased apparently by the same proprietor about this time last year, has been renovated nicely and went into contract a couple of weeks back.

This is not the typical, over-priced Home Depot renovation that lingers on the market for months so probably should be the new standards for those trying to improve their townhouse uptown.  Some half finished gut-renovation jobs 20 blocks south want over $2 million and finished homes like this one further north are probably more attractive to the savvy, high-end buyer in this current seller's market.

The current record selling townhouse in Hamilton Heights was also finished in this fashion:  LINK

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