Monday, January 4, 2010

☞ WALK: Old Man Winter in South Harlem

The Old Man Winter face on the doorway of 359 West 121st Street on the South Harlem-Morningside Heights block seemed to be reminding folks that winter has arrived. There's quite a few face carvings on some of the larger prewar building in the area but not that many on the smaller townhouses. This brownstone sits right before Morningside Avenue and is one of the only ones on the side street that have any figurative carvings on it. We also love the wood doorway with the panel windows built in. Check it out by taking the A,B,C,D train to 125th Street and walk a few blocks south. Photo by Ulysses


  1. interesting -- 341 w 121 -- same block has the same engraving and is in much better condition as a house -- in every respect. Odd that you chose this one.
    The block is one of the nicest in Harlem in many respects. The paneled wood door is there on at least 2 other brownstones on that block on the same side of the street, again in much better condition in natural wood with v clear details. So, nice observations, but odd choice of house to highlight on that block

  2. Yes, 341 West 121st Street has been restored in a true brownstone color with wood doors that have been refinished. No. 359 has contrast paint and the colors pop a little more so this building especially caught our eye in passing while No. 341 blended in with the rest of the townhouses on the street. Both are handsome examples of craftsmanship but highlighted in different ways.