Tuesday, December 7, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 226 Lenox Restoration Coming Along

One of the majestic brownstones in the Mount Morris Park Historic District's Lenox Avenue main street looks like it's at the finishing touch phase of its facade restoration.  Number 226 Lenox Avenue (between 121st and 122nd Street) was sold this past spring and the renovations have been going on since then.  Walking by the house in the past week, we noticed that the sidewalk shed had been removed and the white primer had already been painted out front. In addition to the white walls, one can also see several small, spot tester sections painted on to see which brownstone hue would match the original.  The last photo shows original front of the stoop and we always wondered if the deteriorated trio of circular wreath motifs would be restored but it now seems they were skimmed over. We also wonder if the cornice will find its way back since the rooflines still do not match at this point. Check out our original post for photos of the interior: LINK


  1. Great to see this restoration work on Lenox, this could be one of the architecturally finest Avenues in Manhattan with the huge sidewalks and more restaurants and alfresco dining.

  2. Just happen to walk by earlier and they have attached three decorative ceiling medallions across the front. Guess that is suppose to replace the missing wreath motifs from the original brownstone stoop front.