Monday, April 11, 2011

☞ REVIVE: New Building at 5 West 127th Street

The top photo shows the excavated lot at 5 West 127th Street last summer when it was up for sale and now recent activities reveal that a new building will be going up just west of Fifth Avenue. At center, one can see the plywood fence which had arrived on the site in the past couple of weeks and a review of the paperwork (click on lower photo to enlarge) shows that a 6-story building will be rising on the double-wide lot. Sketches of the proposed construction have yet to be found but an older photo from the 1930's shows that a wood frame house used to sit on the Central Harlem site: LINK


  1. As I mentioned in a previous posted... The owner of this double lot
    plans to bulild a 6 story, 12 unit condo. The developer said was willing
    to send me blue print images of the building soon, I will email them to
    Harlem Bespoke when I receive them.