Wednesday, July 20, 2011

☞ REVIVE: 5 West 127th Street Revealed

All the neighbors over by 5 West 127th Street have been watching an open lot get a little activity going in the past months and the big question was what will be rising up on the site. Last week, a reader sent in a photo showing a digger on the location just west of 5th Avenue and the developer just sent in an image of the new construction.

The 13-unit new condo appears to be working with a contextual mindset but has the requisite balconies in place that appear to be popular these days.  This lot was up for sale last year,  plywood appeared at the location early in the season and now the excavation work has just started for the market-rate development.  There is no word yet if the building is actually getting a name or has a completion date in mind but some of the buildings in this area such as 2056 Fifth and the St. Claire have made some sales news in 2011. Check out the archival photo of the wood frame house that was on one half of the lot decades ago: LINK


  1. Not a bad look...any indication of the level of quality?...because that area has some pretty nice structures - thus, stiff competition. How many units?

  2. Good to see the brick façade with cement details, and no fedders units in sight.

    My favorite contextual condo facade was featured in another HB post which has a very effective use of brick with cement details.

  3. Further up the block on 127th street is 50 West 127th street - now that building beautiful and all luxury, while contextually respectful of its surroundings.